Just Another Thursday…in Trumpland

Today started just like any other day. I woke up, showered, got dressed and grabbed a diet soda (yes, I am aware of the horrors of aspartame!) from the fridge. I then made the long commute–probably 50 feet–to my home office.

Yes, I am a telecommuter. It has its good points and its not so good points. For instance, when it’s pouring outside I don’t have to deal with traffic. Then again, when it’s pouring outside I can’t rely on that excuse for being a little late. Occasionally, when I’ve lost my mind, I miss face-to-face interaction, but I typically have all the human contact I need via conference calls. Sometime I think you can learn more about  person’s character if you never see them face-to-face than you can when in-person interaction. That is a topic for another post. Anyway, I digress.

The day started out as usual, but shortly after 9 a.m. my news notifications and my Facebook news feed started blowing up–to the point I had to turn off my ringer. Apparently our esteemed president’s actions and rhetoric have ripped a hole in the space-time continuum caused a media stir. (Who knew?)

On the one side, I have several friends who are shouting for joy at all the actions Trump is taking in such a short time. For some reason, in the back of mind I’m totally envisioning them yelling “git-r-done!” while wearing sleeveless shirts and standing in the bed of a moving pick-up truck. That’s not fair, I know, but it’s just a random thought.

On the other side I have a group of friends who prophesying doomsday and the end of democracy. Not being an extremist, I would tend to think their behavior was a tad hyperbolic, but then…The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced that the doomsday clock is pretty close to saying it’s bedtime. This little nugget is disturbing in and of itself, but Donald “Say what I want, when I want”Trump was partially blamed for the move toward midnight. Should we be surprised? The people of this country elected a man whose campaign and “charisma” were almost solely based on making tactless and politically incorrect statements.

Trump also kept to one of his (in)famous campaign promises by signing an executive order to build the border wall between the US and Mexico. Throughout his campaign he insisted he would force Mexico to pay for said wall. Not-so-surprisingly the Mexican president cancelled his visit to the US , publicly denounced Trump’s actions, and refused to pay for the wall. Trump’s administration, always willing to make lemonade when given lemons (apparently there are a lot of lemons coming our way), decided the best way to fund the wall would be to charge a 20% tax on all Mexican imports. Thanks, Donald. I didn’t really like avocados anyway.

In summary, in less than a week, the US has succeeded in moving the doomsday clock forward to 2 1/2 minutes to midnight, informally declared nationalist isolationism, and severely strained diplomatic relations with a close neighbor. Let’s not forget the entire alternative facts fiasco (see previous post) which directly increased sales of the dystopian novel, 1984.

On another (somewhat unpleasant note) the US has officially been downgraded to a flawed democracy from a full democracy. Trump is not attributed with the downgrade. Rather, his presidency is a result of American distrust in government. It is one thing to distrust the establishment and government in general, it’s an entirely different issue to hand over the government to a pseudo leader looking to make history…at any cost. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Before I leave you, a little humor:


Another Crazy Day

I created this blog site with the intent of writing regular posts…22 days ago. (So much for diligence.) That aside, my goal is to share my cynical outlook on current events or just discuss my thoughts in general. (I might throw in a picture here or there–photography is my latest hobby.)

Today was another crazy day. I spent most of the day learning a new reporting system for work which led to the ultimate brain-fry. Afterward I did some reading for school–again, brain-fry. Amidst all of this personal responsibility, the world has gone crazy. It is day five of the Donald Trump administration, and this event has left an impression on society, most notably in my Facebook feed. A small number of my friends are Trump supporters; however, the vast majority are distinctly anti-Trump.

Personally, the Trump presidency is surreal. I never would have imagined, based on his campaign rhetoric, that he would be come POTUS; but alas, he has won. The campaign season was emotionally charged to say the least, and now that he has won the election, emotions are running even higher.

With a Republican led House and Senate, the Donald has the potential to advocate for some very hard-right legislation. Already within his first few days he has taken several executive actions that may have far-reaching effects on foreign policy and domestic affairs. I will reserve comments on specific executive actions and executive orders for another post, but it is obvious that he is on his way to shifting the US society (for better or worse).

There is though and overall sense of dread and despair. The day after his inauguration there was the Women’s March which took place in Washington, D.C., and also in several other cities in the US. His administration has coined the term ‘alternative facts‘ resulting in increased sales of Orwell’s 1984.

It has definitely been an interesting few days. We shall see what other craziness will ensue in the coming days.

Alas, it is late, and I must be responsible in the morning. Goodnight, and signing off.